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The Mini Cleansing Kit

The Mini Cleansing Kit

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This cleansing package is great for the entire male or female body. Addresses the Liver, Kidney ,blood, and Colon. Because this kit aids in the removal of inflammation, acid and toxins it also helps to reduce symptoms of fatigue, constipation and assists in weight loss.

Items included (Cell Cleanser, Revive , Male Formula or Female Formula) or Maya

Full 30 Day Cleanse 


Prodijiosa, Rhamnus Pushiana, Podophyllum

Nopal, Urtica Dioica, Gobenadora, Convallaria Majalis

Xanthoxylum Fraxinium, Santa Maria, Damiana, Rumex Crispus

Sarsaparilla, Verbena Azul, Rumex Crispus


***Please indicate in notes for Male or Female***